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Big Communications

Birmingham, AL, USA

At Big, we’re pretty easy to define. We’re a creative communications company that gets out of bed every morning to solve problems for the brands we serve. Whether through media, public relations, creative or something else altogether, we take the seemingly complex and make it surprisingly simple.

We describe ourselves as Young. Hungry. Wide Open.

Young: At Heart. No matter our collective age, we will exude a spirit of youthful idealism, energy, and love of the next, newest and most relative means to solve a problem. 

Hungry: Relentless Pursuit. For us, it’s impossible to sate the desire we all feel to get better, work harder, think smarter and just plain win.

Wide Open: Full Blast. We have only one speed: guns-blazing. It’s how we create, it’s the way we pursue ideas and it’s how we approach all things we’re passionate about.