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About Blue Door Consulting

We’re a boutique marketing and digital consulting firm whose HQ is in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. (For those of you outside of Northeast Wisconsin, Oshkosh truly exists. And yes, there are really talented marketing and digitally savvy folks in this land of cheese and football. And yes, we get asked that all the time.)

It was 2002 when Heidi Strand thought starting a business would be a good solution to the flexibility she needed with her two-year-old daughter. (She has since admitted that was naïve and wishful thinking.) She cleverly convinced her dear friend and marketing co-conspirator, Brenda Haines, to go all in and join the madness. All that was needed next was a clever name.

While painting her front door blue, Bayberry Blue to be exact, Heidi was struck with the name in a moment of clarity and called Brenda on her vacation. Luckily was available and that solidified the company’s existence. Ever since, the entire team has been “going all in,” for every client, every time.

Seize the day. Share the love.

Our vision is: “Seize the day. Share the love.” We love our work, we love our clients and we love doing what we do. For us, problems are opportunities for growth and innovation. And nothing quite gets us going like research, idea generation, strategy, implementation and results. Which is why our mission is: Listen, learn and lead.

A small marketing consulting firm with big personality

Clients usually bring on consultants for three reasons: They need new perspectives; they need extra help; or they need external expertise. We can do all three.

Our clients also tell us they bring us on because we’re genuine and because we’re brutally honest. But, even in telling it like it is, we are optimists with solutions. Solutions we want to implement with you to drive amazing results.