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About us

Here at Workamajig, our goal is to help creative teams improve their efficiency and work smart, not hard.


It's that simple.


We started out as a consultancy firm that helped creative agencies and in-house marketing departments select and implement project management software. And when we saw how ineffective these out-of-the-box solutions were for our clients and how little they did to meet our industry's unique needs, we took the next step and Workamajig was born. Our software is built solely around the unique needs, workflows, and processes of the creative industry. We're constantly gathering feedback and suggestions from clients, consultants and industry experts to stay ahead of the curve.


The Workamajig Job Board was created with the same goal in mind; to improve efficiencies for creatives. We help streamline the process of looking for new talent and offer both companies and job seekers the opportunity to set up a profile and showcase what they have to offer.